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Lake County, Florida Sports

Lake County, Florida Sports Events

Adventure Sports in Lake County

Home to the original Savage Race, Lake County has become the place for competitive and recreational adventure and mud racers. Having hosted events such as the Run For Your Life Zombie Run and the Super Hero Scrambled Lake County, top event organizers come to Lake County to host their events. With home grown organizations such as Monster Run and Rock on Adventures, those looking for fun and challenge will find great local spots.


Lake County Blueways Trails
Canoeing | Kayaking

Clermont Waterfront Park
    Running | Biking | Triathlon | Rowing | Kayaking

Hickory Point Recreational Facility
    Football | Sport Fishing | Rowing | Kayaking

Hummer Off-Road Experience
    Adventure Racing

Lake Louisa State Park
    Triathlon | Kayaking | Canoeing

Monster Challenges
    Adventure Racing

Revolution The Off Road Experience
    Adventure Racing

Rock On Adventures
    Adventure Racing

Venetian Gardens
    Sport Fishing | Swimming | Running | Skiing/Wakeboarding | Sailing | Sand Volleyball | Kayaking

Wooton Park
    Sport Fishing | Aeronautics | Running | Sailing | Rowing | Kayaking