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Lake County, Florida Sports

Lake County, Florida Sports Events

Endurance Sports

Clermont is known as the birthplace of the modern triathlon. With expansive roadways, rolling hills and beautiful Lake Minneola, Clermont is the ideal location for runners to train and compete. Across the county, Water Front Park, Lake Louisa State Park and the National Training Center are also popular among triathletes.


Clermont Waterfront Park
    Running | Biking | Triathlon | Rowing | Kayaking
Lake Louisa State Park
    Triathlon | Kayaking | Canoeing
National Training Center
    Softball | Soccer | Rugby | Lacrosse | Swimming | Running | Synchronized Swimming | Triathlon
Venetian Gardens
    Sport Fishing | Swimming | Running | Skiing/Wakeboarding | Sailing | Sand Volleyball | Kayaking
Wooton Park
    Sport Fishing | Aeronautics | Running | Sailing | Rowing | Kayaking